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Editor’s Comment and Table of Contents – June 2023

| 1st June 2023

Amazing resilience

The resilience of relief and support workers around the world never ceases to amaze, especially when a new crisis emerges with all its added demands on people and resources in the affected region.

Sadly, we’re once again confronting just such a crisis with all that is happening in Sudan. While I’m in no way qualified to comment on the conflict itself, it is important to draw attention to the work that organisations such as Practical Action and others are attempting to maintain in the country.

According to the latest update posted by Practical Action’s Sudanese director, Muna Eltahir, the organisation is ‘continuing to operate where it is safe to do so despite the ongoing armed conflict’.

Joining with other organisations to provide support to millions of internally displaced people in Sudan, Practical Action has pledged to use its expertise in accessing water and sanitation, and its decades of experience working with displaced people in Sudan, to support as many people as possible. The organi­sation has also promised to continue delivering key elements of its existing projects in rural areas, wherever it is possible to do so without putting staff, contractors, and local communities at risk.

Take a few moments to read Muna’s Sudan updates (https://practicalaction. org/news-media/2023/05/24/sudan­update-w-c-22nd-may-2023), which she is posting on a regular basis.

On the financial front, meanwhile, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced an initial US$103 million in additional humanitarian assistance to support Sudan and neighbouring countries. This breaks down into US$8m for the Central African Republic, US$17m for Chad, US$6m for Egypt, US$22m for South Sudan, and US$50m for Sudan, all of which is designed to help meet increased humanitarian needs resulting from the ongoing crisis.

Despite also warning that ‘critical funding gaps’ are starting to emerge, the Agency has promised to ‘stand with all people in Sudan and neighbouring countries who are affected by this crisis’.

First in colour

In continuing to celebrate the 50th year of Appropriate Technology, we turn our attention in this issue to September 2016 when the magazine became a full-colour publication for the first time. Our centre spread, pages 32 & 33, reflect what was happening at the time according to the editor of the time.

Comment by Colin Ley - Editor Appropriate Technology

As mentioned in my previous editorial, we’d be delighted to hear from anyone who appeared in an early issue of Appropriate Technology. Tell us what it was like at the time and what has happened to your life, work, or project development since then.

And Finally

This is my last issue as Editor of Appropriate Technology. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the magazine and particularly wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the magazine during the past three years. I am grateful for all the help you have given me.

Table of Contents


Editor’s comment: ‘Amazing resilience’
News briefing
Prolinnova: Workshop on promoting farmer innovation in Benin unleashes local capacities for farmer-led research and development, ILEIA and COMPAS publications on agroecology digitalised
Tree Aid: Meet the women tackling gender inequality
DIHAD 2023: 12,000 visitors support humanitarian work in Dubai
University of California, Davis: Research increases maize productivity in Zambia, Q&A: Financial risk management, increasing cotton chain profits
Last word: Another global water management whitewash?.


Water: Drinking water in Brazil, Wastewater study, All-in-one sensor, water resilience programme
Weather & water data: Customised agricultural information services
Locust warning: Potentially devastating locust outbreak in Afghanistan
Ocean research: Pacific expedition to help protect ocean life
Satellites & rice: Eyes in the sky identify best place to grow rice
Reducing food waste: Spray-on polymer could cut food waste and increase incomes for smallholders
Methane emissions: IFAD seeks to lower methane emissions from small-scale farming
Climate change: Will wheat succumb to Climate Change?


Aquaculture: Champion in Africa, Public-private-fish hatchery
Potatoes: Food and nutrition security, New DG for CIP, Kenya to host 2026 WPC
Poultry: Expansion in Sierra Leone & The Gambia, Balanced breeding
Disease: Controlling surge of avian influenza, Preventing zoonotic, endemic diseases in India, AIM for Climate, Sheep of things to come
Soil: Turning motorcycle taxi riders into soil experts
Education: Record intake of students from developing countries
Crop/livestock: Enhancing agro-pastoral productivity

Front Cover: Ané – read her story on pages 18 & 19. Credit Tree Aid


Category: Editor's comment

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