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Front Cover: El-sadiq Adam Hamid, a herder in Kuwaykayah village, North Kordofan, attended the Pastoral Field Schools, organized by IFAD LMRP. He was taught how to properly feed his cattle and gained access to medicines and specialized treatment. El-sadiq reported a significant decrease in the number animal deaths within his herd and further benefitted from the rehabilitation of a water point in his community that provided him with increased access to clean water. Credit: IFAD/Imam Ibrahim Albumey (see page 8 & 9)

Contents March 2022 issue

Editor’s comment: ‘Stopping the conflict now is the only solution’

News briefing

Obituary: David Dixon

Prolinnova: Reports on Kenya & Senegal

World trade
Africa’s NutriFish – Improving nutrition & boosting income while reducing waste
DNA advance aids African cattle

Practical Action:
Solar Power to Adapt to Climate Change
Embracing indigenous knowledge benefits local farmer

STARS programme – “We cut out the middlemen.”
New African Tech start-up
2021 AWIEF Awards Winners

Engineering for Change:
Promising Prototypes
Africa’s Energy Future

Green Energy – Dragon kites

UC Davis:
Agricultural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
Case Study – Cotton Farming in Burkina Faso and Mali
Case Study – Rice farming in Bangladesh
Case Study – maize Farming in Mozambique and Tanzania

Methane and crop nutrition
Biomolecule and crop stress
Ozone and crop yields
Potatoes: Threat to production in Africa
Potatoes: Climate and disease resilient varieties

Nutritional benefit for 3m dairy farmers in India

Norway funds small fish farmers
Microbiome R&D

Blending conservation with economic development in Cambodia
Livingstone Tanzania Trust: Hand hygiene

Last word: Siena Castellon, AidEx 2021 Young Humanitarian Hero


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