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Publisher’s Comments and Table of Contents – June 2024

| 27th June 2024

Welcome to the Appropriate Technology June 2024 issue.

The June 2024 issue of Appropriate Technology highlights innovations and time-tested practices reshaping our world, emphasising sustainability and the innovative spirit driving global progress. Covering agriculture, energy, health, housing, technology, and distributed manufacturing, each article tackles critical contemporary challenges.

In Agriculture & Food, three key topics are explored. 'Weedy rice' is highlighted as an eco-friendly alternative to chemical herbicides. Addressing food waste is crucial amidst rising global food insecurity, stressing the need for an efficient and just food system. The ancient Waru-waru agricultural technique from the Andes is examined for its potential to combat modern issues like climate change and soil degradation.

The Energy section details Dominica's journey towards renewable energy self-sufficiency, serving as a model for other nations. Despite obstacles, renewable energy is progressing, with innovative methane control initiatives also discussed.

Health innovations include new bednets for malaria and technologies to combat measles, offering hope for millions. The Housing & Infrastructure section introduces multi-dimensional printing, promising an eco-friendly future for manufacturing by reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.

In IT & Technology, AI revolutionises agriculture with automated insect farming, merging technology with sustainable practices. The 2024 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation showcases solutions in eco-friendly roofing, waste collection, AI-powered healthcare, and farming, demonstrating engineer­ing's transformative potential.

Distributed Manufacturing presents case studies on Beneficial Bio, Maker's Asylum, and the Makers of the Innovation Village (MoTIV), illustrating localised manufacturing's role in sustainable devel­opment. Engineering for Change reports on eleven technologies advancing multiple Sustainable Development Goals, emphasising engineering's pivotal role in sustainability.

Prolinnova's initiatives focus on improving child nutrition in Benin and supporting women farmers in Ghana, highlighting community-driven approaches. Appropedia reports on ASAvirtual's agricultural innovations in Central America and Mexico, and the Tolocar concept supporting Ukraine, showcasing global impacts of sustainable practices.

This issue reflects the dynamic interplay between traditional knowledge and cutting-edge innovation, offering hope and a roadmap for a sustainable future amid global challenges.

Ras Patel - Publishing Director


Contents Appropriate Technology June 2024
Volume 51, Number 2.

News Briefing
Drought resistant cereal research 'vital' as world population rises.
Estimating cultivable space at photovoltaic plants, to combine agricultural and photovoltaic production.
Saleemul Huq memorial schol­arship and award for loss and damage research launched.
Two new members in the Prolinnova Oversight Group.
IFAD and Lesotho partner to support small-scale producers increase the value of their wool and mohair.
Senior IFAD official to meet Ministers and small-scale farmers in Zambia to promote agricultural transformation.
MicroGREEN: employment in natural resources for marginalised groups.

Agriculture & Food
Weedy rice' - potential new eco-friendly control method.
Why do we waste so much food?
Waru-waru: are the old ways the best ways in times of need?

Dominica likely to become self-sufficient in renewable energy.
Renewable energy: steaming ahead despite dragging an anchor.
New sources of methane and new control initiatives.

Health & Wellbeing
New improved bednets to help beat malaria.
Novel technologies bring hope for regaining control of measles.

Housing & Infrastructure
Multi-dimensional printing: the eco-friendly future of manufac­turing?

IT & Technology
Automated insect farming thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).
From eco-friendly roofing and waste collection to AI-powered healthcare and farming, 2024 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation finalists revealed.

Distributed Manufacturing
Beneficial Bio Case Study.
Maker's Asylum Case Study.
Makers of the Innovation Village (MoTIV) Case Study.

Engineering for Change
Eleven technologies that advance multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

Action funds stimulate mutual learning towards improving child nutrition in Benin.
Ghanaian experience in helping women farmers improve sales of a local innovation.

ASAvirtual: Revolutionising agriculture in Central America and Mexico through sustainable practices.
Tolocar: Bringing innovation and support to Ukraine.

Events Preview & Review
DIHAD 2024 Review: A landmark in humanitarian diplomacy.

Events Calendar

Front Cover: People taking the healing waters in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon thermal spa next to the Svartsengi combined geothermal power station and district heating facility. Credit Andy Crump (see page 22)


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