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Editor’s Comment and Table of Contents – December 2021

| 5th January 2022


‘It takes all kinds of different minds’

Kamara Ponontio Jeanne, Presdient of the Ivory Coast Food Producers Network (second from right) in a conversation with tomato merchants at the Plateau wholesale market in Abidjan.
Credit: ©Arnaud Thierry Gouegnon/IFAD

The return of AidEx 2021 to live action in Brussels in November is roundly celebrated in this issue alongside a warm welcome for the debut appearance of Development2030 in the Belgian capital.

The organisers, exhibitors and delegates who made it to the Brussels Expo deserve our congratulations for ensuring that this important humani­tarian event remains on the interna­tional development aid calendar, despite the adverse efforts of COVID-19.

Working though the keynote presen­tation by David Miliband, CEO of the International Rescue Committee, was a privilege. I am usually quite happy to reduce such accounts to their minimum, arguing that we have limited space available within our pages. The challenge this time was to include as much of Mr Miliband’s powerful AidEx message as possible.

His conclusion was compelling: “By remaining true to our values, bearing witness to the abuses we see, putting pressure on violators, using our roles in international forums, and standing in unity in a coalition of countervailing power, we can be a force for a new age of accountability.”

Check out pages 10 & 11 to study his argument in much greater detail.

Siena Castellon
I also want to introduce you to the AidEx Young Humanitarian Hero for 2021, Siena Castellon, a 17-year-old autism and neurodiversity advocate, who also happens to be autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic and has ADHD.

The headline for this editorial ‘It takes all kinds of different minds’ is her motto, reflecting her belief that we all have different talents, strengths and abilities. She maintains that the most important thing is to be kind, supportive and accepting of others, crucially those who are perceived as ‘different’, thereby making this world a much better place.

Our report on Siena, plus six more remarkable award winners and finalists, runs across pages 12-14. This is followed by reports on AidEx and Development2030 innovation and sustainability winners and finalists.

With the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) taking place in Scotland during the first two weeks of November, it is inevitable that many of the articles deal with climate change and its impact, especially across the developing world.

“1.5 is alive but the pulse is weak,” said COP26 President Alok Sharma, speaking at the end of discussions in Glasgow.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres added that the COP26 outcome was simply ‘not enough to save the planet’.
We also have reactions from several leaders from within our industry, with no punches pulled.

Comment by Colin Ley - Editor Appropriate Technology

DIHAD 2022
Having announced that Appropriate Technology will have Media Partner status at DIHAD 2022, we carry a detailed report on what delegates can expect when the International Humanitarian Aid and Development event is held in the UAE in March next year. If you are planning to attend as a delegate or an exhibitor, please feel free to contact Appropriate Technology with your ideas and comments.

Best wishes to you all for 2022.

Table of Contents


Editor’s comment: ‘It takes all kinds of different minds’
News briefing
GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
UC Davis
Practical Action
Engineering for change
Crop diversity
Last word


AidEx 2021 & Development2030
Time to fight back says David Miliband
Sustainable solutions and innovative partnerships: Denmark at AidEx
AidEx award
AidEx webinars
Aid innovation

Share Fair
Innovations that tackle agricultural challenge in a changing world
Agtech as a tool for fostering climate – smart agriculture
Catfish culture in circular tanks
Locally formulated dairy goat meal

FAO-IRENA report on renewable energy for COP26

Energy poverty
Energy poverty: Africans are seeing a brighter future
Kenya’s LMCP model

Cocoa farming
New report highlights income plight for cocoa farmers

Savana ecosystems
New monitoring system helps conserve savanna ecosystems

DIHAD 2022
SDG 17: Partnerships and Cooperation for Sustainable Development

Seaweed farming
Long-term survival risk for seaweed farming

Challenges and opportunities of small-scale irrigation

Front Cover Image: Groundnut, millet and calpi bean producer and seed trails farmer Mustapha Togola.
Credit Practical Action (see page 36)


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